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Cosmetic Surgery For The Toes: Have Imperfections Fixed, And Wear Open-Toe Shoes With Confidence

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Do you dislike the way your toes look? While it may not be a big deal to other people, the way your feet currently look could cause you to feel insecure about yourself. If you never wear sandals because you do not want people to see what your feet look like and you have a hard time fitting into heels and other beautiful shoes, you should think about cosmetic toe surgery. The surgery is available for people with toe imperfections who would like to correct those imperfections and feel more confident.

What Are Some Common Toe Imperfections?

One reason people decide to go through with cosmetic toe surgery is to have a longer toe shortened. When the toe right next to the big toe is a lot longer than the rest of the toes, it causes an unsightly appearance. Aside from not liking the way that it looks, the longer toe could cause you a lot of discomfort when you are wearing certain shoes. If you are tired of not being able to wear cute shoes that look good on your feet because the longer toe is in the way, you could choose to have it shortened, and then it will line up perfectly with the rest of your toes.

Another reason people choose to have cosmetic toe surgery performed is to have a larger toe thinned out. For example, if your big toe is quite large and the rest of your toes are small, you may want to have fat removed from the big toe to get it to look a lot smaller. As a result of the surgery, your feet should fit much better into all kinds of shoes, including heels.

What Are the Surgical Options?

If you would like to have a toe shortened, the cosmetic surgeon would likely need to remove some pieces of the bone, changing the position of the toe and making it line up evenly with the rest of the toes instead of sticking out. It only takes around six weeks to recover from this type of surgery. While you are recovering from the surgery, you may need to wear protective footwear and take medication to relieve any pain.

If you would like a larger toe to look smaller, the cosmetic surgeon can suction out excess fat. The recovery for toe liposuction does not take very long. While there may be some swelling involved, your feet should feel a lot better in less than four weeks.

Have your toes always bothered you? If so, you do have the option of undergoing a cosmetic toe surgery. A cosmetic surgeon can examine your feet, talk to you about the work you would like to have done, and then perform the right surgery to get your toes to look great.