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Dealing With Chronic Foot Pain After Your Diabetes Diagnosis? What You Should Know.

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If you’ve recently been diagnosed with insulin resistance or Type II diabetes, you may already be taking steps to change your lifestyle and minimize the physical impact of this disease. Unfortunately, diabetes can often exacerbate or aggravate existing foot problems, and going without treatment (or at least monitoring) could set you up for ulcers, diabetic neuropathy, or other serious comorbidities in the future. Read on to learn more about treating foot pain after a diagnosis of diabetes and how often you’ll want to visit a podiatrist to ensure continued good health. Read More»

2 Issues That Foot And Ankle Specialists Can Treat

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Foot and ankle specialists can treat a variety of different issues in these areas, both in surgical and non-surgical ways. This article will discuss 2 issues that a foot and ankle specialist is going to be able to properly diagnose and then successfully treat for you.  Plantar Warts  One issue that a foot and ankle specialist can help you with is a plantar wart on your foot. This is wart that doesn’t protrude out of your skin but is instead up inside. Read More»

Foot Pain Slowing You Down? 4 Natural Ways to Fight The Pain

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Foot pain can stop you from doing the things you enjoy doing. If you’ve already been to your foot doctor, you probably already have a treatment plan in place. However, there are some things you can be doing at home that will help relieve some of the pain you’re experiencing. Take a look at a few of the natural treatments for foot pain. Epsom Salt Baths Epsom salt is made almost entirely of magnesium, which works great at relieving pain and inflammation. Read More»